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Automatic Gate System Repair

We offer to troubleshoot and repair a variety of gate systems.

While there are a few inexpensive gate operators we feel are not worth repairing, most are worth the effort and far less expensive to repair than to replace. This may also apply to some access control devices such as telephone entry devices or controlers.

As a system, many of the components may simply be replaced to keep the system up and running. Folks also upgrade such components or add others onto the system. A few of the parts or pieces to sytems are listed below:

  • Pad mounted swing gate operators.
  • Pad mounted sliding gate operators.
  • Post mounted swing gate operators.
  • Keypads.
  • Card readers.
  • Telephone entry devices.
  • Radio receivers and remote controls.
  • Strobe detectors.
  • Cameras (as part of entry systems).
  • Photo-eyes.
  • Edge sensors.
  • KNOX switches (fire department access).
  • Loops and detectors for safety.
  • Loops and detectors for free exit.
  • Controlers (for more advanced access needs.)

Small Parts Manufacturing

Along with servicing gates and access control systems, Delphi O.E.M. Co. manufactures small parts. They may be machined or turned on a lathe, of metal plastic or wood. We also offer injection mold making and injection molding thermoplastic parts. This gives us the capability of making custom parts on the fly to add to the off the shelf parts for gate systems.

In addition, we are able to custom order from other local vendors based on the ideas of our clients and our designs. In the near future we will expand our operations to include new installations.