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A sampling of parts we will be offering

Gate Operators

Post Mounted Swing Gate Operator

Touted as primarily a residential operator, we have found the Liftmaster LA500 to be an excellent choise even for small HOAs and commercial applications where the gate is not in constant use. One advantage is that it is easy for homeowners to maintain as the batteries in their (optional)larger metal control box (not shown) are readily accessable. While they require a professional installation, this can usually be acomplished in just a day once power is brought to the gate.

Being a 24 volt system they can continue to operate when the power is out, and accept a wide variety of accessories from other manufacturers.

The included Liftmaster photo-eye has the advantage of having a built-in heater. Photo-eyes are now required, and can be very problematic in our Pacific North West enviroment as the often fog up, preventing the gate from closing.

While remote controls are extra, the operator does include a built-in reciever which also works with the wireless keypad they offer.

Pad Mounted Hydraulic Slide Gate Operator

On the other end of the spectrum there are the hydraulic rail drive operators from the HySecurity company for large sliding gates. These are found in places such as sally ports or airports and big commercial sites.

They are capable of handling the larger heavy gates under conditions of continuous operation.

Barrier Arm Operator

Another common solution to restricting access are the barrier arm operators such as thie one from Door King.

These are often found at resorts or parking areas, often beside a guard shack where their motion is controlled by a guard or ranger. They are quick acting, more so than most sliding or swinging gates and can work with the same accessories as other operators. Often they are employed in tandum to only allow one vehicle through at a time.

Access Controls

Wireless Keypads

Wireless keypads such as this one from Linear are a great way to provide access without the need to ditch and lay in wires back to the operator. This particular one is powered by a 9-volt battery and features an all metal housing. A reciever is installed at the operator to complete the installation.

Products We Manufacture In-House

Polymer Wheels

We manufacture a small variety of polymer wheels. Those shown are made of molybdenum filled nylon and are about three inches in diameter, and are suitable for a variety of applications relating to moving gates. For more information on our wheels please visit our site Polymer Wheels Company

Injection Molds & Thermoplastic Parts

Through Delphi O.E.M. Co. we manufacture injection molds primarily for Morgan injection molding machines. If you have a need for such a mold please contact us. Our experience includes a large variety of types of molds from hand placed prototype molds to automatic molds with ejection of parts. Shot size up to six cubic inches and we mold most materials. Mold prices start at around $3000 and small parts typically run a few dollars each.